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Kent Moore Tools Available PLEASE READ!

This list may take a minute to load, Be Patient! There are 1,000 tools on this page!

If using a mobile device (android or iPhone) to purchase, please inform me so I list it on a friendly site!

You must hit the "Contact Us" Button to purchase. It may take a minute to appear as it is the last thing to load to your screen.

If you do not see a price, ASK, most tools on the list are in stock. No price means, I haven't got to pricing it yet. 

Find your tool, ask us for pricing and we will check availability and email you pictures.

You can NOT purchase tools from this page! I must send pictures of the tool to you. I did NOT view every tool on this list. Some are New, Some Used, Some rusty, Some beat up! I want you to see what you are purchasing. We both hate surprises, it is done to satisify buyers. That is why I pull the tool and take pictures of it to email to you. So I ask, bear with me in this process.

Upon agreement, I list the tool under "Tools for Sale"


Kent Moore is renumbering the tools which were produced before J-46XXX!

You may find the tool you are searching for by dropping the "Prefix" (ie: "J" , "EN". "BO")and search for it by the base number. Example: CH-43845 may be listed under J-43845 (actual number).

This may also work in reverse EN-28467-160 (actual Number) may be listed as a J-28467-160!

Updated: 3/23/2015